How to Secure Your Home While Away

Every time we leave our homes we go through a mental list of things; did we turn off coffee maker, are all the lights off, did we close the garage, are all the doors locked.   Often we forget things that should be checked if leaving our home unattended for a week or more.  These items insure the safety of the home until we return.  Below we have created a checklist of items for those of us going on a long vacation or leaving our vacation homes for several months.

  1. Unplug all non-essential electronic items.  These items include toasters, alarm clocks, hair dryers, etc.  All other electronics such as TV and computer should be placed on a surge protector if not unplugged.
  2. Turn off all lights.  If you would like to have a home lit at certain times of day use a timer.
  3. Turn off main water to home unless in a condo or villa with indoor sprinkler system.  If water is off then the risk of water leak of home is reduced.
  4. Turn off water heater.  There is no need to keep water heated when not in use.
  5. Keep cabinets under sinks slightly open to allow for air flow.
  6. Close all blinds, shades, and curtains to reduce heat in home.
  7. Check all windows and doors are securely locked.
  8. If leaving a vehicle place on an alternative battery source to allow for easy startup of vehicle upon return.
  9. Leave a lanai door open if you have a pool being serviced while away.
  10. Turn humidistat on to 65% and air turned up to 82.
  11. Closet doors cracked for ventilation
  12. Pour bleach into toilets and wrap with plastic wrap.  Keeps water from staining toilet bowl and any pest from entering through toilet.
  13. Keep fridge and freezer plugged in and on.  If completely empty of all food and items set at a high temperature for greater efficiency.
  14. Set alarm to home if applicable
  15. Transfer or hold mail, DO NOT leave in mailbox.

After all these items have been checked off the list if you still are feeling unsure about leaving home for extended period call Northern Precision for house watch.  Our house watch program allows for a monthly check of your home to check for any issues.  Our team member walks the interior and exterior of the home checking all these items off the list. We provide storm shutter service prior to a storm and a check after a major storm for damages.   A report is then sent to the home owner with any issues we may have found.  Please see our attached checklist!


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