How to Choose a Contractor

We have all seen the various home improvement shows on what can go wrong when choosing the wrong contractor.  There are many things to consider when choosing a contractor.  All contractors are not alike and therefore neither are the estimates.  Here are some guidelines to follow to help you choose the right contractor for the job!


  • Determine the type of project
    • New construction, remodel, or addition
  • Find contractors that are licensed and insured in the area for your type of projects
  • Check with county on contractors status
  • Review past client reviews
  • Review past projects
    • Check on website, walk current projects with contractor, and ask for references
  • Review materials
    • Verify the quality of the material
    • If you have a specific material you want to use clarify if they have work experience with the material
  • Confirm what all is included or excluded in the estimate
    • Not all estimates are apple to apples, read all line items
  • Discuss payment and draw schedules
    • Depending on scale of project the payments will be different
    • Never pay 100% up front
  • Verify warranty options
  • Ask questions
  • Discuss selection process and timeline
    • Verify the when and how long you have to make a selection on items


A great contractor stays on budget, on time, delivers high quality craftsmanship, and communicates with the customers.  Northern Precision Inc. is a licensed and insured contractor serving the southwest Florida area.  Our family owned company has built a reputation for high quality craftsmanship, timely projects, on budget, and great communication.  On a weekly bases we review the status of the project and if unable to be on site for project send pictures.  We look forward to working with you on your next building experience!


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